Discrete Wearable Activity Sensor

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What is SENS motion®

SENS motion Plus

SENS motion is an integrated system consisting of an activity sensor in the form of a patch, a smartphone-app for wirelessly transferring the collected data to our secure cloud, and a visual web application for managing sensors, people and collected data.

Wireless and secure data transfer

Collected data is encrypted on the sensor and automatically transferred to our cloud system when the sensor is within range of a smartphone with our app installed.

  • Discrete Sensor Patch

    Discretely worn on the thigh, the SENS motion® sensor patch monitors the physical activity

  • Online Monitoring

    The data from the sensor patches can be monitored online through our online web application

  • Enables Big-Data

    Automatic data collection and analysis means you can manage monitoring thousands of people in your project


SENS motion Plus

Reusable Sensor

Designed to be used for long monitor periods. No need to ever replace the battery.

Custom patches for mounting

Use our custom designed patches for mounting the sensor, and it's just as discrete as the single-use version.

Total Monitor Period 5 months
Offline Data Storage 14 days
Dimensions 47 mm x 22 mm x 4.5 mm
Weight 7 g (10 g with patch)
SENS motion Plus
SENS motion Plus

SENS motion Patch


Single-Use Sensor

Our most scalable solution. The single-use sensor-patch is worn once for up to 14 days. Saves you time from handling and cleaning the returned sensors.

Sensor integrated into the patch

Just open the package and place the sensor. Everything is integrated in the sensor-patch.

Total Monitor Period 14 days
Offline Data Storage 14 days
Dimensions 20 mm x 50 mm x 3.5 mm
Weight 8 g