Discrete Wearable Activity Sensor

for Healthcare and Research

Better Treatment. Better Research.

What is SENS motion®

SENS motion® is a wireless medical device for collecting physical activity data from large groups of people. It is especially well suited for use in the healthcare sector and for large research projects. The system measures:

  • Rest time
  • Standing time
  • Walking time
  • Running & High-Intensity Movement time
  • Cycling time
  • Steps taken
  • Motion intensity
  • Sleep time and quality

SENS motion® – For Healthcare

SENS motion® – For Healthcare enables physical activity monitoring in health care environments, such as hospitals and care centers. The system increases patient self-mobilisation, and delivers accurate measurements to assist the treatment.

SENS motion® – For Healtcare consists of:

  • The SENS motion® activity sensor for use on patients
  • A patient app, with gamification feedback for increased mobilisation
  • Screen providing an overview of patient mobilisation
  • Access to reports on patient activity

Case Highlight:

Bispebjerg Hospital: Increased out-of-bed time of hospitalized patients

Harnessing the latest technology and user experience design, SENS motion has created a solution that has motivated patients at Bispebjerg Hospital to increase their activity by 51 minutes a day. The solution collects valuable data that has freed time for healthcare professionals to focus on priority needs.
Link: Article about the project




SENS motion® – For Research

SENS motion® – For Research enables the use of SENS motion® activity sensor for collecting activity data or raw accelerometer data in large scale clinical research projects.

SENS motion® – For Research consists of:

  • The SENS motion® activity sensor
  • Smartphone app for automatically transferring sensordata to the cloud without need of interaction
  • Web-application for managing sensors, viewing and exporting data.

Case Highlight:

The Danish High Risk and Resilience Study – VIA 11

The VIA 11 project is collecting one week of activity data from 522 11-year-old children using SENS motion® – For Research.
The purpose is to gain better insight into how growing up and hereditary conditions affect each other in relation to mental health.
Link: Website of VIA 11 Study

SENS motion® – Connect

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