Activity Monitoring and Motivation Tool for Healthcare Environments


SENS motion® – For Healthcare increases physical activity for admitted patients


  • Motivates the patient by visualizing goals and expectations on a tablet next to the bed
  • Provides an data-based overview of the patient’s physical activity for the healthcare professional
  • Improved dialog about physical activity between the healthcare professional, the patient, and relatives
  • Increased compliance and data-driven management


100 steps per day reduce the risk for readmissions with 10% *

Motivational App


Motivational visual feedback from the app increases the patient’s self-activation.


  • Motivates the patient to be more active by using elements of gamification and nudging
  • The patient walks a visual tour through Copenhagen visiting various attractions
  • The patient can continuously track her/his own progress, goals, and expectations
  • The patient and healthcare professional can access more information using a detailed history view to facilitate dialog and follow up.

How to use SENS motion® – For Healthcare


1. A discrete sensor patch is placed on the thigh of the patient at admission.

2. The sensor measures physical activity and the daily rhythm of the patient

3. The patient can track her progress and goals using a tablet placed by the bed.


A tool for the patient and healthcare professionals

It highlights the importance of physical activity for the patient and tracks motivation and compliance.

Enables data-driven management by providing both live patient overviews and historical data for statistical use.

Case Highlight

Bispebjerg Hospital: Increased out-of-bed time of hospitalized patients

Many patients are inactive 18-20 hours a day in the hospital bed, and body functions decline rapidly during hospitalisation. Therefore, rehabilitation while hospitalised is crucial to avoid los of independency, decline of quality of life and re-hospitalisation.

To change this harmful pattern, Bispebjerg Hospital is testing an intelligent patch to get patients moving that was developed by the Danish start-up SENS Innovation.

Link: Article

Link: Dall CH, Andersen H, Povlsen TM, Henriksen M. Evaluation of a technology assisted physical activity intervention among hospitalised patients: A randomised study. Eur J Intern Med. 2019

Link: MAST Evaluation


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